Spectres of the Last War

The Day of Mourning

First Session!

Let the game begin…

Character creation was had, with our heroes as the result:

20 Olarune 994 YK

Each had their own reason to scout the Tower of Scars, a ruin in the mountains at the border between Cyre and Breland. Upon arriving, the three independent adventurers quickly had common cause to unite as they were attacked by monstrous dolgrims and kruthiks. Almehym took quite a beating during the fight, but thanks to the encouraging words and tactics of Brand was able to stay in there long enough to slay many of the monsters. The mysterious warlock Kritos levied a barrage of eldritch energy from afar, destroying many foes.

After catching their breath, the three new allies decided to scout the tower, choosing to enter from the west where part of the wall had crumbled enough to provide a way in. Inside, Almehym went on ahead to the inner chamber, finding two captives chained against the wall and a strange symbol on the floor reminiscent of a Dragonmark. After deciding to reveal themselves to the captives, Kritos introduced himself and learned what had happened.

The captives: Bren ir’Gadden, a Lieutenant in the Brelish Rangers, and his catatonic aide, Corporal Aric Blacktree, had been ambushed by the dolgrims and kruthiks and their force of twelve decimated. The dolgrims then chained the two survivors in the wall with the strange glowing mark, seemingly in the hope that they would develop Dragonmarks of their own. Bren promised the adventurers a reward for the safe return of Aric and himself and with a mighty heave Brand ripped their chains off the wall of the tower. The eladrin is apparently much stronger than his slight build would indicate.

They also investigated the mark of prophecy on the floor of the tower. Examination revealed an ominous prophecy: four at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.

On the way out, another ambush lay in wait. A necromancer of the Emerald Claw, two soldiers, and several zombies all wanted to take the prisoner for themselves. Brand was knocked unconscious during the fighting, his life saved by Bren in a key moment. Aric crumpled to the ground in his catatonia, and it was left to Kritos and Almehym to mop up the rest of the outlawed elite soldiers.

As the battle ended, a great and terrible event could be seen from outside the tower. Fire, lightning, and unnatural gray fog swept down from the east along the Saerun Road, destroying the armies fighting there. When the conflagration is over, the gray fog remains, hanging like an ominous tapestry along the border of what was the Kingdom of Cyre. The Day of Mourning has come to pass.

XP: 580 to each character
Loot: The Emerald Claw had some items of great value. More to come next time!



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