Spectres of the Last War

Sharn: City of Towers

Let’s start off with the loot from last time that you carried with you for four years. Almehym took a Vicious Dagger +1 off of the Emerald Claw Necromancer, while Kritos took a suit of Darkleaf Leather Armor +1 off the same body.

The session begins four years after the Day of Mourning. Kritos, Almehym, and Brand have been invited by Bren ir’Gadden, now Lord Major in the Brelish military, to attend a ceremony at Morgrave University to commemorate the Day of Mourning. A new character, Ockham, is also introduced. Ockham, or Ocks, is a hulking warforged soldier who has been hired as a bodyguard for a rash and impulsive young Brelish noble who is also attending the ceremony.

While a Cyran survivor was giving his speech, a dreadfully familiar mist arose near the staircase. The attendees screamed in terror as they saw the Mourning made manifest in Sharn itself. The mist turned out to be some kind of demon. A disturbing ape-like creature standing even taller than Ox, with twisting horns, milky-white eyes and horrible claws strode forth to attack the gathered crowd.

Ox’s impetuous charge drew his bejeweled sword to face the Mourning Haunt, but was knocked unconscious by his bodyguard before he could get into trouble. The party quickly surrounded the creature, preventing it from attacking any bystanders, who in typical jaded Sharn fashion began to place bets on the outcome of the battle. While the three more close-combat minded adventurers engaged the beast in melee, Kritos wisely stood back and unleashed a barrage of eldritch blasts granted to him by his mysterious fey patron.

After a long battle, the strange creature was defeated, its body dissolving into mist that eerily formed the same pattern as the prophecy mark seen by Brand, Almehym, and Kritos at the Tower of Scars on the Day of Mourning. Ox also recognized the pattern, as it’s identical to his ghulra, the unique sigil inscribed on the forehead of every warforged.

Banded together by curiosity, the four adventurers next sought the source of the strange creature. Almehym noticed a misty-white tuft of the creature’s hair by the stairwell, and Kritos used his knowledge of matters arcane to track the energies used to summon the creature back to the source.

On the way, Almehym once again proved his powers of perception, noticing a trio of halfling burglars exiting the upper floor of a Lower Menthis plateau home with enticing loot. Getting the the bottom of the Mourning Haunt didn’t seem so important at the time, so the party launched an attack on the thieves. After several feats of athleticism and teleportation, the battle was joined on the rooftop. The first halfling never had a chance, for Almehym snuck behind and devastated him with a single blow. Ox decided to find out what sound halflings make when bounced on pavement, knocking the second poor thief to the streets below and a waiting Brand. The third thief chose the better part of valor and tried to escape, giving an ear-piercing cry of alarm. Help from his comrades of the Boromar Clan, Sharn’s premier organized crime syndicate, arrived too late, though the rescue team spied those who killed their kin before fleeing on their flying reptile mounts.

No longer distracted by loot, the party made its way to the townhome at the base of Menthis Tower where the creature was summoned. Kritos confirmed that this was the source, and not seeing another way in, the party went through the front door. There they were met by thugs from the Red Claw gang, some goblins, a half-orc archer, and two shifters. After these were dispatched, the group made their way upstairs, where they found a strange eldritch machine protected by a dolgaunt and two dopplegangers. The machine was clearly unstable, but thanks to Kritos’ arcane insight and Almehym’s knack for disabling devices, the machine was shut down and Menthis Tower was saved!

Brand got a Frost Longsword +1 out of the deal. Kritos was able to scrape up 500gp worth of residuum, a substance of pure magic, from the machines. And the party was met by an Orien courier who delivered a message from the Lord Major. He wants to meet the heroes and reward them further!



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