Spectres of the Last War

Then there were five...

The session picked up at in Lower Menthis, outside the house where the party disabled an eldritch machine that threatened to topple the entire tower. Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden dispatched a skycoach to bring the party back up to Morgrave University.

The skycoach started winding its way up through Sharn, but on the way was ambushed by none other than Aric Blacktree and some goblin archers riding on magical soarsleds. The party had to fend off arrows and necrotic attacks fueled by Aric’s aberrant dragonmark, while protecting the skycoach pilot from harm.

Almehym managed a daring leap onto Aric’s soarsled and took him captive, dangling him by the ankle from a rope. To the party’s surprise and outrage, the former Brelish soldier cut himself free from the snare and plummeted hundreds of feet into the darkness of lower Sharn.

The party was not happy when they arrived back in Upper Methis to be debriefed by the Lord Major. Things almost got physical on the crown agent, but the situation managed to be defused after ir’Gadden promised to investigate his former aide and what he was up to. The Lord Major also offered the party a job. As an agent of the King’s Citadel, specifically the King’s Swords, he had been investigating two murders of dragonmarked heirs. He then sent the party to meet a leading expert on dragonmarks, Professor Jarim Rem Tasoy. Ockham was also asked by the Lord Major to complete a separate errand.

On the way to Morgrave, the party encountered a halfling running for his life. They then recognized the leader of the group chasing him as one of the Boromar Clan enforcers from earlier. Deciding that the enemy of their enemy was their friend, the party took up arms against the Boromar and swiftly dispatched them. The fleeing halfling introduced himself as Buckskin Buckshot, a bootlegger and archer who didn’t want to become a Clan hitman and was now on the run.

The party continued on to Morgrave and met with the professor. After determining that the party had not brought the professor’s lunch, Jarim proceeded to describe the murders. The first murder was of Thurman d’Vadalis, occuring on the night of the full moon for the moon associated with the Mark of Handling, in the month of the Mark of Handling. A cunning assassination in Dragon Towers, the district housing each house’s main enclave in Sharn, there was no evidence left behind other than the body. Thurman had been stabbed in the heart and his dragonmark skinned from his body.

Krosh had been waylaid by a Darguul merecenary group known as the Skullsplitters down in the Cogs. He was kidnapped by the goblinoids, then his body found later near the Lava Pit, the restaurant featuring Shadow Marches barbecue he had eaten at.

The party also learned that if the pattern continues, an heir of House Lyrandar would be next.

The party went to the Skullsplitters base of operation to investigate and after some quick thinking from Buckshot, told them that they wanted to subcontract the Skullsplitters for some Boromar dirty work. The door was opened, and it was then discovered that the two gangs had bad blood and the fight was on!



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