Spectres of the Last War

Fall of a Killer

The session picked up back in the Skullsplitters lair. Ascending to the third level of their base, the PCs discovered the seat of the mercenary group’s power. Literally, a big stone throne of ancient Dhakaani construction… as well as dirty rags and a circle of runes.

A giant bugbear rose up, bellowing a challenge at the party. He stood confidently in the runic circle, waiting for the party to challenge him. At the same time, the goblin boss, another goblin, and two gray wolves attacked the party.

After leaving the bugbear disappointed for a bit, Kritos launched him off the ledge, falling 40’ to his death. Things were wrapped up swiftly after that, with the boss taken hostage. Some gems were found in the throne.

Some knifepoint interrogation led to the party being led to the sewers of Sharn. There they encounter some members of The Tribe, a wererat goblin pack. While the fight went well for our heroes, it did result in disease for everyone.

Eventually the PCs made their way deep down underneath the city, to the site of an ancient temple to The Mockery. Crystal mirrors over an altar focus sacrificial energy to an unknown destination. Inside is everyone’s old friend, Aric Blacktree. But Aric has become something greater, and something aberrant, as a result of his predations on Dragonmarked heirs.

With wispy tendrils and psychic powers, Aric did his best to lay waste to the heroes and continue his mad scheme to absorb more dragonmarks. After a long, dangerous battle, the PCs were victorious, though Aric died on the strange altar and his power was siphoned to Sovereigns know where.



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