Blood of Vol

“Look not to the skies, nor to the depths below, nor even to the distant past or future. Seek the divine within, for the blood is the life, and in ints call can be heard the promise of eternal life. One has but to listen.”

So say the faithful of the Blood of Vol, or Seekers. They do not owe allegiance to any god or divinity other than themselves. To a Seeker, each person holds divinity within themselves and conquering death is the most important goal. Outsiders would say this is what leads the faith to have vampires and other undead created, but Seekers view such creatures as guides to true immortality that should be respected, even though they have sacrificed any chance at gaining the Divinity Within.

The Blood of Vol is most common in the nation of Karrnath, where a paramilitary order called the Emerald Claw was in service for most of the Last War before being outlawed by Content Not Found: kaius3. There are also Seekers in Aundair, Breland, and the Lhazaar Principalities. A number of savage races follow the religion as well.

Blood of vol

Blood of Vol

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