Changelings are a race of shapeshifters, able to take the form of other humanoids. The intelligence services of several nations have often taken advantage of this power and recruit changelings as a result. They are believed to be descended from the unions of humans and dopplegangers, though they have developed into their own separate race and their shapeshifting powers are not as advanced as their forebears. As a result of their powers, changelings are not a trusted race, and will often develop several distinct guises and personas with established histories and networks of friends and acquaintances. Changelings often worship the Traveler.

Changelings do not develop Dragonmarks and any attempt to fake one through their shapeshifting powers does not hold up to more than cursory scrutiny.

Mechanically, changelings get +2 to Charisma and +2 to either Dexterity or Intelligence. They also get bonuses to the Bluff and Insight skills and have a power that uses Bluff to gain combat advantage once per encounter.



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