Sharn is the largest city on Khorvaire, though not necessarily the most important politically. It is called the City of Towers, due to the manifest zone linked to Syrania, the Azure Sky, a plane of air that enables magic related to flight and levitation to function with greater effect and thus allow the soaring heights of Sharn’s towers.

The towers themselves number five, each situated on its own plateau and separated at the base level by volcanic chasms. Each plateau is known for a certain thing, stratified by height. For example, Menthis Plateau is known for entertainment. At its lower levels, one can find baudy theatres, brothels, dive bars and the like, while Upper Menthis houses museums, opera, and Morgrave University. Middle Menthis has a thriving theater district and a great variety of minstrels, acrobats and a year-round circus.

Northedge is the most residential district, with a marketplace near the bottom, slums below that, and penthouses at the top.

Dura is the largest quarter in Shar, and also the poorest—even the top-levels are only middle class. The lower levels contain a great many denizens of so-called more savage races: goblins, gnolls, ogres and the like.

Cliffside is on the side of the cliffs overlooking the Dagger River and is an area mostly dedicated to shipping, boat crews, and adventurers. Many an expedition to Xen’Drik embarks from Cliffside.

Tavick’s Landing is at the eastern edge of the city and hosts the terminus of the House Orien lightning rail. Lower levels cater to travelers and traders visiting the city, and more recently refugee housing for displaced persons from the Last War.

Skyway is Sharn’s wealthiest district and is a floating section of city above everything else. It sits on massive disks of force, like Tenser’s floating disks on an epic scale. This district holds mansions of the very wealthy, the finest inns and restaurants, and shops featuring rare and exotic goods.

The Depths is the name for everything below the city’s main plateau, excepting the Cogs. The upper levels have active and inactive sewers, some with inhabitants. The Depths also hold the ruins of earlier settlements—Sharn has been the site of many fortresses and cities throughout Khorvaire’s history.

The Cogs are far below the foundations of the towers, close to the lava pools that power the forges and foundries connected to the rest of Sharn by well-maintained shafts.


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