The Last War

The Last War is the most important historical event of the campaign. Everyone in Khorvaire was affected by it, though perhaps in different ways.

The war began in 894 YK. King Jarot I of Galifar died and Mishann of Cyre was supposed to ascend to the throne of Galifar, being the eldest. However, due to centuries of competition between the Five Nations, as well as Jarot’s paranoia and investment in armies and equipment, Mishann’s siblings didn’t all agree that she should become queen. Wroann of Breland was joined by Kaius of Karrnath and Thalin of Thrane in rejecting their sister’s claim. Mishann was supported by Wrogar of Aundair.

These alliances shifted often throughout the war. Thalin died in 914 YK, and the Church of the Silver Flame, led by Keeper Serrain quickly took control of Thrane, waging war as a matter of divine right. Karrnath, which had the largest standing army and the best generals, suffered a series of setbacks related to disease and poor crops that kept them from dominating their enemies early on.

The Mror Holds declared independence from Galifar in 914YK as well, become the first “new” nation to result from the war. They quickly assured Karrnath, their neighbors, that they would continue supplying arms and armor to the Karrnathi soldiers. They also surreptitiously used Lhazaar pirates to smuggle good to Cyre and Breland, and the dwarves’ war profiteering made them unbelievably rich.

Cyre, being centrally located on the continent, saw much of the heaviest fighting, with its capitol of Metrol under siege for much of the war. They turned to Valenar mercenaries as well as the heaviest contingents of warforged soldiers purchased by any nation from House Cannith. The Valenar later betrayed the Cyrans, and took a large part of the southeastern part of the country for their own in 956 YK, claiming they were retaking “ancestral lands”. The Cyrans could spare no effort to retake their lands, and Valenar saw an influx of elves from Aerenal.

Aundair had succession problems of its own. The Eldeen Reaches declared independence in 958 YK, led by the Great Druid Oalian and the Wardens of the Wood. Unlike Cyre, Aundair disengaged from its campaign against Karrnath and went west to reclaim its territory from the Eldeen. Breland likewise took this opportunity to lead a campaign into the Eldeen Reaches, as a “civilizing force.” The druidic forces were able to turn aside both invasions with relative ease, using guerilla tactics and taking advantage of their superior knowledge of the terrain.

The gnomes of Zilargo, who had long claimed neutrality during the war and had profited from selling siege engines, elemental-bound arms and armor, and mercenaries to all sides, changed their stance in 962 YK. They claimed to be “loyal allies of the Brelish crown.” Now giving their support to Breland only, the Brelish were able to rise to dominance by the end of the war.

The Last War

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