Zilargo has been home to the gnomes for thousands of years, though early Dhakaani texts describe the appearance of the first gnomes from Thelanis, making them a non-native race to Khorvaire.

Zilargo was a province of the Kingdom of Galifar before the Last War broke out, and once the war began they remained a neutral party until 962 YK when they formally aligned themselves with Breland. It is believed that this alliance is what led King Boranel to support Zilargo’s status as an independent nation under the Treaty of Thronehold.

The Zil pride themselves on information: House Sivis maintains a network of message stones that provide an international communication network; The Library of Korranberg is Khorvaire’s greatest collection of writings; and The Korranberg Chronicle is the daily newspaper trusted most by the citizens of Khorvaire.



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